Branding Questionnaire
Plymouth and Washington County
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this important survey. The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information to assist a county wide effort in determining a Brand for Plymouth and Washington County. We are trying to determine what it is we want to be known for? What can our county offer that people can't find closer to home and would make them want to come here? ...This is your chance to voice your opinion!
1: Where do you live?
2: Age:

3: Gender
4: When family and friends visit, where in Washington County do you take them? ("must see" or "must do" activities, other than staying at home)
5: Where do you go in Washington County on your free time (other than home)?
6. Where do you go most often in your free time outside of Washington County?
7. What are Plymouth and Washington County's greatest assets? (not its people) (list in order)
8. What are Plymouth and Washington County's greatest challenges or negatives? (not people) (list in order)
9. What must be done to get more people to spend time and money in Plymouth and Washington County?
10. What should Plymouth and Washington County be known for? (What image do you want people to have of Plymouth and Washington County)